How the New York Times See’s the Super Bowl Craze

The New York Times, a generalist publication by nature, covered the many facets of the Super Bowl this past weekend. From Gaga to gameplay NYT ran the gambit of Super Bowl angles.


One of their more unique angles was a look into the life and culture of the patriots hometown, Boston.  With the following article, “Brady vs. Dunkin”the NTY the many loves of Beantown: Steven King to L.L. Bean.


After the devastation that was “Deflategate” do the patriots still hold their place in the hearts of New Englanders? Or do classics like clam chowder take the cake?


With an interesting interactive spin the NYT allows readers to select their top five New England Institutions in a Buzz Feed style quiz.

“What’s more important: A football team or our long-standing traditions? A touchdown or good locally-produced food? Historical roots or a fifth Super Bowl victory? Don’t ask any of these questions if you’re at a Super Bowl party Sunday and the Patriots are leading in the fourth quarter.” (Eric Blumenthal, New York Times)


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