The Power’s in the Picture and the New York Times Knows It.

Photojournalists across the world jump at the opportunity to shoot on assignment for the New York Times. This isn’t just for the readership, the NYT photo editors have established themselves as some of the best in the world. This news source has photojournalists jumping across the globe for their content. And that’s pretty awesome.


From their poignant Instagram to online film shorts the NYT narrates through imagery.


An excellent example of the unconventional nature of the NYT’s photo team was their coverage, just two days ago of the Westminster Dog Show. Now these photos add a new meaning to taking a close up look…

See more at:

All and all, the NYT knows how to grab readers through images and they work it. If photojournalists are jumping at the opportunity to take these photos reader are over the moon to see them.



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